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The Thinking Mind: The Playground Bully

The thinking mind is very similar to the playground bully of grammar school; the insecure, dysfunction being that over compensates by showing itself to be cruel, unforgiving and completely in control. What “we think” is of our own creation. The … Continue reading

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All Worth While

When you really want something, Sometimes you have to swim a little deeper. You can’t give up, Just because things don’t come easy. You have to overcome the obstacles, And face your fears. But in the end, It’s all worth … Continue reading

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Two Poems and a Saying

This morning finds me a bit groggy after a good night’s rest even after a half hour awake and my first cup of coffee of the day. Extra measures of the activities of a good life squeezed out some usual … Continue reading

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Your’s Is the Earth and Everything In It

John Keats wrote, Poetry should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts, and appear almost a remembrance.  So it is for me with the poem below.  Many years have passed since encountering the Kipling poem below.  Last time … Continue reading

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Rain Upon the Blinding Dust

Human beings are the only animals that cry ’emotional tears’. Other animals have their own distress-signals, but crying from stress, pain, sorrow or joy is unique to man. Why we cry and even the actual function of it is not … Continue reading

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