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Love Is The Only Thing

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Bouncing Back and Forth

Her self description is: I’m Paula. I love sparkly things and hate cauliflowers. I believe in individuality and self-expression. Music geek. Love life in its simplest ways. Spend way too much time thinking and wandering. My brain is chaotic. I’ve … Continue reading

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Similar to a Blind Man

I’ve lived. I’ve learned. I’ve failed. I’ve succeeded. I’ve found myself. I’ve lost myself in others. I’ve been kind. I’ve been heartless. I’ve been loved. I’ve lost the love I had. I’ve been loyal. I’ve been unfaithful. I’ve been hurt. … Continue reading

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Darkness of My Soul

I’m coming up on an anniversary. In 2007 I spent five life-altering weeks at “The Meadows” where I went to finally come face to face with my childhood abandonment and trauma issues. Reflecting back I can see the experience with … Continue reading

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Better With Age

Walking across a college campus for a business meeting with the athletic director of a Midwest college an epiphany hit me. In my late thirties college aged people hardly noticed me. I suppose I just looked like someone’s Dad. It … Continue reading

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Promises, Promises

A promise kept is a healthy, living thing. A broken promise lives in the land of the dead. Wikipedia explains a “promise” to be: commitment by someone to do or not do something. As a noun promise means a declaration assuring that … Continue reading

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“Soft Hearted”

Maybe you don’t see, Little things get to me, A silly comment, words unmeant, Things merely insignificant Spend hours in my head, They tear at my heart, And don’t cease Till its apart. There was never a time I … Continue reading

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Closing the Chapter

You’re missing something. You’re watching everything pass you by and it’s making you anxious but you’re not quite sure how to catch up. A small part of you doesn’t even want to catch up. You’ve become comfortable in your complacency, … Continue reading

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