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A Greater Amount of Peace

Getting to know myself more intimately and growing wiser with years has helped me see the greatest barrier to knowing “peace” has been ‘me’ all along. Being focused on everything and everyone external as the cause for a lack of … Continue reading

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Like Quicksand

Depression… removes the color from the colorful… reduces the difference between day and night… crowds out self-esteem with self-loathing… takes away the pleasing taste from everything… creates a sense of being UN-loveable… brings all past mistakes to present-moment… shades life … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Sunrise and Three Sayings

Be thankful for your allotment in an imperfect world. Though better circumstances can be imagined, far worse are nearer misses than you probably care to realize. Richelle E. Goodrich

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Personal Points of Truth

“Soon You Will Understand… The Meaning of Life” is a book by William Blank published about a decade ago that only came into my awareness recently. The author is “a middle-aged guy who has walked through a big part of … Continue reading

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Greet Yourself Arriving

Lived in thirteen states and a foreign country. Two marriages and numerous failed relationships. Lots of jobs. Work, work, work. Learned to fly. Bought an airplane. Became a professional photographer. Success and money. Accomplishment created more emptiness Often learned little … Continue reading

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Peace and Quiet

For approximately twenty years when asked what I wanted most my response was “peace”. The long-time hope was the demands of work and responsibility would settle down and emotionally I would find real equilibrium with those I care about. Without knowing … Continue reading

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Be Led By Your Dreams

In my Internet Exploder bookmarks I found a post saved about a year ago titled “12 Things You Should Be Able to Say About Yourself” from a blog called “Mark and Angel Hack Life” ago (Thanks M&A for the … Continue reading

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One I Will Not Forget

As I sit and stare into his eyes, and him into mine, it is as if I am looking across time. There is a momentary, but very real connection with this proud Apache Chief. Without knowing how, I am certain … Continue reading

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The Gift of Not Getting

Trolling through my bookmarks and looking at pages saved as possible inspiration for this blog, I came across one called “List of Life Lessons”. Six hundred and forty individual posts are contained within the list that range from originally insightful … Continue reading

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All These Things and More

If my heart could be seen as living space it would be similar to the room above; well used, a bit worn and even abused, but more than serviceable. My heart… …has become dusty from years of use but is a safe … Continue reading

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