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Where I Am

Pain: An unpleasant sensation occurring in varying degrees of severity as a consequence of injury, disease, or emotional suffering or distress. A rather amazing realization is beginning to make itself known: how negatively staying in a job I did not … Continue reading

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June 28, 2013 Dear co-workers, colleagues, associates, friends, Getting to this date seemed to take forever and now suddenly it has arrived: our last day together. For going on eight years you have believed in me to lead you. I … Continue reading

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To Love Life

Self-knowledge has no beginning and no end. It is a constant process of discovery, and what is discovered is true, and truth is liberating… Jiddu Krishnamurti Once I became open to discovering the truth about who I was and how … Continue reading

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Peace and Quiet

For approximately twenty years when asked what I wanted most my response was “peace”. The long-time hope was the demands of work and responsibility would settle down and emotionally I would find real equilibrium with those I care about. Without knowing … Continue reading

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Keep Practicing the Art of Living

In a little more than two weeks we arrive upon the 108th anniversary of birth for Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Viktor Emil Frankl, MD, PhD (March 26, 1905 – September 2, 1997). I did not read his renowned work … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Love What You Do…

I had been busy deafening my parents for years by creating high-pitched squawking melodies on my “recorder”, the closest thing we had to a wood instrument at home. On band day I was so excited to finally get to see … Continue reading

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Patient Teacher

It has been said that life is the most patient teacher. You will be presented with the same experience over and over until you learn the best way to deal with the situation. This is not because life is cruel. … Continue reading

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Memo To Myself

February 3, 2013 Memo To: Myself From: Me RE: Living well This morning, please read the list below s  l  o  w  l  y  before scurrying off into your day. Don’t hurry. Take your time. Soak up the wisdom and … Continue reading

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A Living, Not a Life

What is work? According to the dictionary: activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something; job; employment; a trade, profession; labor, task, or duty that is one’s accustomed means of livelihood. Yep. That’s where I … Continue reading

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Work and the Ability to Change

I’m packing and getting ready to rush to the airport to return home after a business trip that has taken up the majority of the week. I find myself asking “why I work” a lot these days. And more so, … Continue reading

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