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I Finally Got Even

Once upon a time there was a little boy. Although his family was poor, life was good and he enjoyed his life. His Mother and Father did not get along well, but he did not notice much. One day his … Continue reading

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Extremes of Despair and Gladness

I wish some of my past could be erased; those parts I dislike most. Some were done to me, but many are things I did to others. It’s a hundred times harder to forgive myself than it is find forgiveness … Continue reading

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My Lost Years

The piece below is a perspective written generally about being a the late teens or 20-something. Yet, “lost years” can be any age. For many in recovery, what began in those young years became bad habits that matured well into … Continue reading

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The Pain that Motivates Us to Change

Forgive yourself for everything that was and start living for tomorrow. Create the destiny that you truly know you’re capable of. The power to create the best you and the best life possible for tomorrow is in this moment. You … Continue reading

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The Truth About Yourself

“Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves” is the 4th step used in anonymous recovery groups for compulsions that range from alcohol, narcotics and gambling to overeating, workaholic behavior and the recovery group I am active in, Codependence … Continue reading

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Courage Enough To Step Through My Fear

What a dichotomy it is to want to be loved, yet fearful of it beyond explanation. Such a condition is called “love avoidance” and it’s a dysfunction I know for my own. It’s a form of “love addiction” and feels … Continue reading

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A New Way to Remember

My dysfunctions have been with me all of my adult life. However, conditions like depression, compulsion and trauma from childhood were not clearly known to me until the last ten years.  When I began to ask “why” particular behaviors came over … Continue reading

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The True Condition of Your Heart

Many people believe their life story is more unique than that of many others. For some the belief comes from great sadness they have endured. For others the feeling is rooted in challenges over come. Some people see success as their defining … Continue reading

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