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Bouncing Back and Forth

Her self description is: I’m Paula. I love sparkly things and hate cauliflowers. I believe in individuality and self-expression. Music geek. Love life in its simplest ways. Spend way too much time thinking and wandering. My brain is chaotic. I’ve … Continue reading

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They Learn

I forgive the ones who during childhood showed the wrong ways I should live.  I am deeply grateful to the people who later showed compassion and love to a boy in a man’s body. I have a good life because … Continue reading

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Riddle: “Who Am I?”

The following ‘riddle’ was written by an anonymous writer. The answer did not automatically come for me when I read it, but the solution made perfect sense once I got to the bottom. I encourage you to give it a … Continue reading

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When We Are Afraid

I used to regularly be a liar. With my friends, in business and generally I was a ‘boy scout’ and told the truth. But in love relationships my words at times contained less than the full truth; sometimes very little … Continue reading

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The How of Happiness

Being happy has not been a natural occurrence in my life.  It is something I have had to work at. It surprised up on me when about two years ago in a group of people the words “I’m happy’ came from … Continue reading

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Remember Your Reflection

How some one sees me is only one view. Each interpretation of the person I am is different. None is completely accurate, not even my view of myself. Humility and gratitude are the best paths to self-awareness. I am perfectly … Continue reading

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Fundamental to Living Well

I came across what’s below in an email a friend sent several years ago and found it particularly meaningful. Hope it serves others as well as it did me. Checklist of 50 Characteristics & Views to Continually Live Better & … Continue reading

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Seeing Beyond Just Looking

I have no certainty where exactly I got the idea.  It may have been from something I read or several things I came across blended together.  It may have even been a spontaneous realization.  But in the last 10 years … Continue reading

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Marriage in the U.S.A.

Yesterday on a whim, I went to see a love-story movie called ” The Spectacular Now”. I did not suspect many people to be at an early afternoon showing, but was surprised the only attendees were two other late middle-aged … Continue reading

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Similar to a Blind Man

I’ve lived. I’ve learned. I’ve failed. I’ve succeeded. I’ve found myself. I’ve lost myself in others. I’ve been kind. I’ve been heartless. I’ve been loved. I’ve lost the love I had. I’ve been loyal. I’ve been unfaithful. I’ve been hurt. … Continue reading

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