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My Devil Called “Fear”

Unobtrusive music is usually playing when I write and a style of electronic music called ‘chill’ is my favorite to have in the background. Traveling in Europe I developed a taste for this ‘chillout’ music that is characterized by a … Continue reading

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My History of Anger

Every destructive emotion bears its own harvest, but anger’s fruit is the most bitter of all. Uncontrolled anger is a devastating sin, and no one is exempt from its havoc. It shatters friendships and destroys marriages; it causes abuse in … Continue reading

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Dams In Our River of Life

The greatest emotional war I have ever witnessed as been the one with myself. For years there was a storm of thoughts and feelings moving round inside ranging in intensity from thunder on the horizon to a full-fledged hurricane. When … Continue reading

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Reasons Why I Cannot Love You

The following was written by Kat George a year and a half ago for It’s well crafted and hit me hard, right between the eyes! Don’t get me wrong—I think you’re great. I like to eat dinner across from … Continue reading

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Joy Is Your Sorrow Unmasked

“Be brave enough to be happy” read a stranger’s post on Pinterest. The quote plays perfectly in tune with my thoughts this morning. Years ago skiing in Vail, I saw a sweatshirt inscribed with “No guts, no glory. No pain, … Continue reading

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Love Versus Fear

LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL (fear is conditional) LOVE IS STRONG (fear is weak) LOVE RELEASES (fear obligates) LOVE SURRENDERS (fear binds) LOVE IS HONEST (fear is deceitful) LOVE TRUSTS (fear suspects) LOVE ALLOWS (fear dictates) LOVE GIVES (fear resists) LOVE FORGIVES … Continue reading

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