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Learned Optimism vs. the Habit of Pessimism

About five years ago in a used book store I stumbled across a copy of “What You Can Change and What You Can’t” by Martin Seligman, Ph.D.  As an amateur student of psychology and being my own personal “lab rat” … Continue reading

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Like Wind Through a Tree

When the visitor used to come to call my life had much less color and texture.  The variance of hues and shades meant almost nothing.  To look into another’s face and make direct eye contact I rarely did during those times … Continue reading

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An Old Storm in the Rear View

For over two months I have contemplated expressing my gratitude here for my first wife, but just was not ready to write about it publicly.  Even now I am not fully prepared, but do believe it is time.  B. and … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Myself

In retrospect I  clearly see a much different past view of myself than the one visible to me today.  Now when glancing in my mental “rear-view mirror” my old behavior is much easier to explain and understand.  Those were the … Continue reading

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How Does One Say a Thousand Thank You’s?

Each morning I sit down in front of this screen and keyboard to again write about something I am grateful for.  Getting up an hour earlier each day was a little of a challenge at first, but the rewards and … Continue reading

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Birthdays, Peace, Love and Happiness

Yesterday was a wonderfully heartwarming day.  Many friends and those dear remembered the anniversary of my birth.  Today I am still aglow with the love expressed to me.  I started making a list of everyone who emailed, texted, called, sent … Continue reading

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About Aging: George Carlin and Me

Today I know it’s absolutely true what I have heard said for all my life, but have come to understand it clearly only in more recent times.  The years do seem to pass faster and faster the older one gets.  … Continue reading

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Making Peace with the Past

Gratitude is not easy to separate out when it is swirled with shame and bitterness without the wisdom of years.  Such is the case when I think of my Mother.  My coming into the world happened she was only eighteen … Continue reading

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Memphis: Elvis, the Blues and BBQ

As I sit here this morning in a hotel suite in Memphis, I can hear my friend Sam showering in a bathroom down the hall.  Our accommodations are very comfortable with two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, full kitchen, three … Continue reading

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Some Best Friends Are Dogs

Cody was the smartest dog I have ever lived in the same home with.  He was a golden retriever obtained for my son when he was five, but in truth it was me the dog responded to most.  While picking … Continue reading

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