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Thank You Doug

For today’s blog to make any sense, one should first read yesterday’s installment Doug, a dear friend of mine, liked yesterday’s post. When I arrived home after work the short email from him below was in my inbox: Well, I … Continue reading

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Thank You Sherry

It has been several weeks since I had visited my favorite used book store and yesterday was pleased to find the poetry section had been restocked. In among the dozen titles I picked from Kahlil Gibran to Susan Polis Schutz, was … Continue reading

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Cultivating Awe

A jaw-dropping moment really can make time appear to stand still – or at least slow down, new research suggests. Regular “awesome” experiences may also improve our mental health and make us nicer people, claim psychologists.  Awe is the emotion … Continue reading

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Wind in the Trees

I find what I go looking for. What I expect seems to manifest itself before me with great frequency. My thoughts shape my life more than any other single factor. Today I feel great and am loving life. With that … Continue reading

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White Knight, Boy Scout or Good Guy

My ghosts are still around, but thankfully not as prevalent as they once were. Even when my past is conjured up, I don’t get stuck there for long periods of time as I once did. The echoes of my past … Continue reading

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August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012

It was five days from my sixteenth birthday at 9:56pm CT when Neil Armstrong spoke the immortal words that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. The date was July 20, 1969 and those words were heard live … Continue reading

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The Best of Us Forever

Slowly I have arrived at an understanding of life that makes sense to me.  My conclusion is simple: love is all that matters! A person is capable of living without many things and able to flourish, but love is essential.  … Continue reading

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Muffling Gift of Falling Water

Often I have written about my love of rain and how it fills a crack in my soul like nothing else. A long, soaking shower makes me feel safe and protected for reasons I have never fully understood, but I … Continue reading

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Life is Filled with Possibility

POSSIBILITY: the condition or fact of being possible; an opportunity to do something, or something that can be done or tried; a future prospect or potential. Growing mentally, physically and spirituality in the last decade has brought me to a … Continue reading

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The True Condition of Your Heart

Many people believe their life story is more unique than that of many others. For some the belief comes from great sadness they have endured. For others the feeling is rooted in challenges over come. Some people see success as their defining … Continue reading

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