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Just Feed One

Play it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. The concept “pay it forward” is old, but the phrase is believed to have been coined … Continue reading

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Another Heart Whispers Back

At a time in history when we are communicating more rapidly than ever – via texts, tweets and email volleys, one after the next – it seems there is hardly anyone among us who couldn’t use some tips to facilitate … Continue reading

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Modesty In Spirit

Plain and simple, I admire humility. A little thing that happened years ago while checking into a hotel jumps to mind. The lodging was one of those five-star types (Ritz Carlton) where my company meeting was being held and not … Continue reading

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A Little Positive Trail Behind Me

The innocence of a child can be especially touching. For me that’s true partly because some of my innocence was stolen as a kid and partially because living has softened me over time. While the story below is just that, … Continue reading

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A Song to My Soul – Part 2

My leave behind here yesterday was the story about four family photographs that came in a used book I purchased and my hope of returning them. Once business hours began yesterday I was able to leave a message where … Continue reading

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