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The Pain to Stay the Same

More than usual this week I have been experiencing a feeling of gratitude for the quality of my life today. In looking over my shoulder I can see what appears now to be a somewhat straight line path that brought … Continue reading

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No One Gets Too Much Love

The loneliest days are the ones where you keep company with someone you love who can’t hear you. Holly Robinson It’s become a quirk of mine to watch couples and how the two interact. What I see all too often … Continue reading

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Where Wisdom Grows

Misfortunes make us wise. Mary Norton I learned a lesson yesterday, taught a few times before but without me getting a passing grade. Like a child held back in school, it took repetition for the insight to sink in. It … Continue reading

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Closing the Chapter

You’re missing something. You’re watching everything pass you by and it’s making you anxious but you’re not quite sure how to catch up. A small part of you doesn’t even want to catch up. You’ve become comfortable in your complacency, … Continue reading

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To Love Life

Self-knowledge has no beginning and no end. It is a constant process of discovery, and what is discovered is true, and truth is liberating… Jiddu Krishnamurti Once I became open to discovering the truth about who I was and how … Continue reading

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Am I Grateful?

Am I grateful? …for the last time I had my heart-broken? It showed me how much I could love. …for the last time I was injured and recovered? It showed me how crucial good health is. …for the last time I … Continue reading

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Three Blinks and a Sneeze

Her expression was that of a frightened seven-year old girl as she sat there in the front seat of the car. The look was one you’d expect to see on a youngster’s face who was sitting outside the principle’s office. … Continue reading

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The Place You Were Meant To Be

Yesterday my favorite used book store had a “buy two get one free” sale I took advantage of. One I picked up for a couple of dollars is called “It I Had My Life To Live Over…” Edited by Sandra … Continue reading

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May Your Prayer of Listening Deepen Enough

A grimy and smelly swamp is some of the most fertile ground on Earth. It nurtures growth with its hidden richness. In the slim of near putrid water the strongest roots must grow, made necessary by the weakness of the … Continue reading

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We Are All Perfectly Imperfect

Although I began hearing the term “perfectly imperfect” early on in my recovery from depression and compulsion, it took a long while to see the depth of meaning of that two-word combination. Early on all I took it be was a clever term used by therapists. It took time … Continue reading

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