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Don’t Waste Any of Your Seconds

The slow misty fog caused a sparkling halo to surround the street lamps. Each shimmered with scattered rainbow. All I could see was wet with gentle rain that caused everything in view to capture light and glow with color. Only … Continue reading

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Feeling Good

A person I met by chance who has become a dear friend over the last couple of years writes a blog fairly regularly. Her raw honesty is refreshing and with regularity I find a jewel of thought that sticks with … Continue reading

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Five Good Things

The article below was exactly what I needed for the start of this Friday.  I hope it serves you well too! Are you frustrated with your life, feeling stressed, and find many things just aren’t working? Would you like to … Continue reading

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Accomplishment Is Empowering

Over the last two years intentionally my wake up time has become earlier. I decided to take the most rested part of each day and keep it for myself. That has allowed me to write, workout, meditate and do other … Continue reading

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A Common Search for the Good and the Beautiful

I have limited personal proof that what is below is in practice what makes for a good marriage. But the words feel perfectly true and seem to speak clearly of how it could be, should be. Happiness in marriage is not something that … Continue reading

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Do You Trust You?

Lack of self-trust can be the precursor of distrusting others. In an increasingly complex world, our ability to judge real or not real, scam or opportunity, credible or not credible, trust or no trust, is a twenty-first century necessity.  And … Continue reading

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Genuinely Open To Accept It

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. Martin Luther King, Jr. We all make plans, have dreams, and set goals. Will our plans materialize or end in complete failure? The only thing certain about life is uncertainty. … Continue reading

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That Wish Was Never Granted

Don’t fall in love. Rise with it. Amit Abraham It’s a terrible feeling when you first fall in love. Your mind gets completely taken over, you can’t function properly anymore. The world turns into a dream place, nothing seems real. … Continue reading

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Five and Five

Remembering how good early childhood was brings fond memories. While there was much chaos and heartache to come, those were peaceful times that preceded. Birth to seven years old is recalled as a carefree and happy time. My mind and spirit were not … Continue reading

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Speak To Me Through Time

Seneca was a Roman statesman and philosopher during the reign of emperors that history holds as out of control and probably insane, like Caligula and Nero. I have wondered if the craziness he lived through and ultimately claimed his life, … Continue reading

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