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Books Can Be Dangerous

The city where I live is blessed with a huge used book store that now occupies the majority of a strip center.  Gardner’s is a funky throw-back to another time.  The store has earthy feelings like something from the late … Continue reading

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Highest Form of Thought

After being in Colorado for a good part of the week, this morning the drive home begins. I’ve had a great holiday visit with my son and am grateful he is healthy and well.   The twelve hours home will be a … Continue reading

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Future’s So Bright…

A time of personal evolution began for me fourteen years ago and the catalyst was a promotion/job transfer.  Left behind was a comfortable position of eleven years and a city known well after eighteen years of living there.  Familiar surroundings … Continue reading

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All Evidence of Truth

A fully functional human being has five primary senses:  sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell.  All of us who have those in good working order rarely if ever contemplate life without them. But, this morning I asked myself “if you … Continue reading

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The Only Disability in Life

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players…  Shakespeare On the stage of life almost twelve months have evaporated quickly and a scant five days remain before 2012 is a year that was.  I look … Continue reading

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Notes from the Universe

Two of my friends, one a woman in Kansas and the other a guy in Ohio have over time sent me a “Note from the Universe”.  The friend in Kansas passed along this one last Friday:  If it’s not yet … Continue reading

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A Short Tale of Many Feelings

Last evening, Christmas Eve, was ‘groovy’.  I decorated my little black convertible with a big red bow on the front grill, evergreen trim in the back and battery-powered multi-colored blinking Christmas lights around the windshield.  A thermos was filled with hot chocolate and … Continue reading

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Love Was Born at Christmas

It has been a lot of years since I can remember having the spirit of Christmas alive and frolicking within as I do this year. It could easily be true I have never been this happy at this time of … Continue reading

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God is Love, Hope, Peace

For several years there was no obvious sign of Christmas in the place I lived.  Little feeling for the holidays was within me either.  My emotions were mostly variances in the range of anguish to numbness.  Such is the way of healing.   … Continue reading

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An Almost Infinite Capacity

Yesterday day at work I recited to someone an alternate version of a favorite Christmas song he had never heard.  With it fresh on my mind, I tried it out on two others who it turned out had never heard it as well.  … Continue reading

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