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Digesting Never’s

The profession I am in is one I often say picked me and I did not pick it.  In my teens there was no other thought besides being a scientist (except wishing I could sign up somewhere to be James … Continue reading

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“Mornin’ Mack. How you doing?”

Frequently I say “Mornin’ Mack.  How you doing?” when I walk by the photo above that hangs in my office.  At other times I have been known to say “I know Mack, I shouldn’t have done that” or simply “I … Continue reading

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Behind the Secret

Close to ten years ago I was at my favorite used book store looking through a box of “new arrivals” and came across a book with a dark blue textured cover titled “The Secret of the Ages” by Robert Collier.  … Continue reading

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In Memory of Strangers

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Boulder.  The sky above was the deep Edgewood blue that Colorado is famous for and underneath to the horizon was a wonderful day to be outside.  My son and I walked around Pearl Street, … Continue reading

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Temporary Friends

A couple of days ago I flew to Colorado to visit my son.  When I arrived at my home airport I saw long lines in front of the counter of the airlines I was flying.  My first thought was this flight was … Continue reading

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A Recovering Night Owl

There is not a long history of me being a morning person.  The majority of my adult life I characterized myself as more of a night owl who was usually up until 11pm if not midnight (weekends much later).  My … Continue reading

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Seeing Beyond Just Looking

I have no certainty where exactly I got the idea.  It may have been from something I read or several things Icame across blended together.  It may have even been a spontaneous realization.  But in the last 10 years I … Continue reading

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Shoes Don’t Make The Man

There is a wise, but anonymous saying I have come across a number of times that goes: “…I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet…”  While I can’t relate directly to either … Continue reading

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Miss Annie Maude Upchurch

Many people have made a positive impact on my life, but few as much as a handful of teachers.  I don’t remember college professor’s names particularly, but there are several teachers I recall fondly from grades 1-12.  In those preteen and … Continue reading

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Sweeter Than Donuts

Krispy Crème Donut locations were a fixture in Alabama when I was growing up.  The donuts could only be found fresh in larger cities like Birmingham.  The tasty treats were also sold packaged in rural grocery stores where we were … Continue reading

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