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Power of Words

Most of us most of the time do not recognize the power of our words.  One sentence spoken can be permanently carved into another’s psyche.  Most of what we speak is lost in the air the moment after the breath … Continue reading

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Call Me Norman, Please

My profession has placed me in proximity to many famous people and the majority of them I am grateful to have met.  Not matter how much fame and fortune each had achieved, I learned first-hand that underneath each one is … Continue reading

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Sustenance From Gratitude

Since beginning this blog and the morning ritual of expressing my gratitude each day, my life has changed.  And it has changed remarkably for the better.  I am stunned by the effect on my life of an activity that appears … Continue reading

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Thank You for the Music

Last evening I was fortunate to be a friend’s guest at an impressive Foo Fighters concert at our local arena.  All bands touring could take lessons from the passion and professionalism Dave Grohl and his band exhibit.  They played for … Continue reading

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Well Wishes From Youth

In a special edition of a book titled “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran, on January 25, 1975, my first wedding day, a woman dear to me wrote the following to the one I was marrying: “…Take care of him, stay … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

My recollection is clear of the feeling when I caught sight of the house that would become the first home I owned.  The realtor was late and just being seeing the outside convinced us if the inside of the house … Continue reading

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The Invitation

I seem to be touched the deepest by works of art in written form, but as soon as I write that I am reminded of how I can at times be visually moved to the point of being overwhelmed.  When what … Continue reading

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Affecting Eternity

I am grateful for the opportunities to grow I have had throughout my life and the greatest influences have been people.   Clear in my mind are the teachers who taught me to read and write, the pilot who taught me … Continue reading

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This is Wonderful!

The company that employs me takes good care of me and the hotels they book are very good ones, which I am thankful for.  However, a hotel room is just that:  a temporary place to hang clothes, bathe and sleep.  Some of the best … Continue reading

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Red’s Explanation

Business took me to Baltimore the last few days for a company meeting.  Last night we were treated to an Orioles baseball game on a beautiful spring night.  When the featured singer began to sing the national anthem, I stood … Continue reading

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