Yes, I Am

shutterstock_93326353The pain love can cause is legendary. The joy love can bring is even better documented in the annals of time. A thousand years ago or now, a message of true love reads the same.

Thank you for being mine
And offering me all your love
The most gentle soul
Sent to me from above

You are my ventilation
Without you I can’t breathe
You are more than I ever wanted
And everything I need

I had always been so blind
I never opened up my eyes
Then you showed up
And took away my disguise

I didn’t know I could be happy
Until you were here with me
Then I could finally soar
It was you who set me free

You leave me breathless
Knowing your mine
Such a perfect man
Loving you is divine

You make things so easy
We act together as one
Without you I would be nothing
My life would have no fun

Nothing can tear us apart
Our love is strong and true
You fixed my broken heart
I am forever thankful of you

I don’t always tell you how I feel
Because it is hard to say
I can’t describe what you do to me
You made my world in color from grey

I am thankful for your love
And you will always have my heart
I love you now and always will
It was true right from the start
“Thankful For Your Love” Written by “x0Kait0x”

This deeply heart-felt poem is about finding love again; an extraordinary love. “Yes” I am grateful I have.

I think perhaps love comes
from finding someone
you feel utterly comfortable with,
someone who makes you comfortable
with yourself. It’s like…finding yourself,
or maybe it’s like finding the other part of yourself.
From “Whispers of Heaven” by Candice Proctor–by-x0Kait0x