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So We Don’t Forget

Like Thread Through a Needle (First posted one year ago on December 16, 2012) Even just the thought of what I am about to write makes my eyes well up. Last evening watching a performance of “The “Nutcracker” there was … Continue reading

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Always Worth Another Try

A family member posted found this story and posted it on Facebook a few days ago (Thanks Ann). It touched my heart. She married him today. At the end of the wedding party, her mother gave her a newly opened … Continue reading

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All That Really Matters

My “2013 Fall Farewell Tour” is finally over. Much of the last few months has been spent traveling for business before my retirement at year’s end. Whew! Being in and out of airports the better part of the last five … Continue reading

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No Help In Worrying

I know that worrying is a waste of time.Regardless I find myself doing too much of it. I am grateful for a reminder to loosen my grip on worry. It is nothing more than a bad habit. If a problem … Continue reading

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As Simple As That

The more grateful I become, the happier and more content I feel. It’s as simple as that! He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has. … Continue reading

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Just Another Monday

While this slice of a week seems like just another Monday, it is not. This day, already half over, will be unique in my life and in all time. The differences from other Monday’s may be slight or great, but … Continue reading

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Lots and Lots of Practice

Where would the world be without second chances?  Few things are ever accomplished as well as they could be done on the first attempt.  Painting beautiful art, sculpting a striking statue, creating a melodic song, proficiency at a profession, learning … Continue reading

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Just a Few Words

Once in a while just a few words say a great deal: If you’re reading this… Congratulations, you’re alive. If that’s not something to smile about, then I don’t know what is. From “Monsters Under Your Head” by Chad Sugg

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Those Who Are Friends

Twenty-three days and I will officially be retired. Friends say “you’re too young”, but I’m hanging it up while healthy with a lot of years left to enjoy being the full owner of each day. The company I am leaving … Continue reading

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Twelve of Forty

For close to three years has been a website I visit a few times each month. I never fail to find reading that causes me to think, be inspired or gain insight. Over a million other people visit on … Continue reading

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