Have a Great Day


Say something silly Laugh_by_burdge_bug

Laugh until it hurts laughing

Take a riskSkydiving

Sing out loudsing out loud copy

Tell a SecretSECRET __i__ll_tell_you_a_secret___by_syzizi-d4xs23n

Rock the boatsetickman boat

Shake things up_Stickman_black copy

Flirt with Disastertight-rope-walker-stickman-md copy

 Buy something FrivolousRegion Capture

 Color outside the linescolor_outside

 Cause a SceneMuscle on stickman

Make wavesmake wavesbook_waves_cp

 Get carried awaystickma

 Order Dessertstickman eating

  Have a great groovy daygroovy day

 Some times I am just grateful for another day!

Someone once told the this definition of Hell:
The last day you have on earth the person you become
will meet the person you could have become.