A Day to Dream

It’s easy to forget how much I enjoy a day off from work during the week. What for many was a one day holiday on July 4th, I chose to use vacation time and craft a five-day, stay at home weekend. Although not yet contained in MSWord’s spellchecker, it was a surprise to find the word ‘staycation’ has made its way into American dictionaries: a vacation spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environs have to offer.

Staycation days are especially good when I don’t fill them up with projects and stuff to do. Being one who is somewhat hooked on activity, it’s healthy to slow down from my usual busy-ness addiction. The only plans I have is to drive with a friend to a nearby city one day to visit a mutual comrade, be true to my intentions to catch up on sleep (eleven hours last night!) and to spent some time outside.

Let us put awhile away
All the cares of work-a-day,
For a golden time forget,
Task and worry, toil and fret,
Let us take a day to dream
In the meadow by the stream.

We may linger as we will
In the sunset valleys still,
Till the gypsy shadows creep
From the starlit land of sleep,
And the mist of evening gray
Girdles round our pilgrim way.

We may bring to work again
Courage from the tasselled glen,
Bring a strength unfailing won
From the paths of cloud and sun,
And the wholesome zest that springs
From all happy, growing things.

From “A Day Off” by Lucy Maud Montgomery,
a Canadian author best known for a series of novels
that began with Anne of Green Gables published in 1908.

Richly decadent is one shade of my feeling within at this moment. Unshaven for two days, I sit here writing at a time I would normally be piloting a desk and driving a computer at work. All in all, I am more grateful than usual simply because I am taking time to relish being alive.

The best cure for an off day is a day off.
Frank Tyge