A Marvelous Day

The commitment I made to myself seven months ago was to write here each day, no matter what!  Today is number two hundred fifteen.  My time is slim this evening and the content I offer is hastily written.  To keep my pledge to write daily, this post is arriving just before midnight.  Why so late?  Today was one to be filled with living, not writing.

The marvel of this day just spent, humbles me.

All is well…
Very well. 
I have had a wonderful day…
A marvelous day…
A memorable day…
A good day…

It began with sleeping in for an extra two hours.  I woke rested, ready and thankful for the new day. 

An hour later I was having breakfast at a favorite place with the woman who has my heart.  Afterwards we spent the majority of this rainy Saturday in each other arms.  I love her and she loves me.  How incredibly wonderful!

Tonight I took my best friend out to celebrate his birthday over dinner.  We ended the evening by watching “The Wizard of Oz”. 

I can’t imagine a day ever being any better than this one.  I am content.  I feel loved.  I feel safe.  I am happy.  I am  thankful…. so very thankful!  

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.  Meister Eckhart


2 thoughts on “A Marvelous Day

  1. Congratulations on posting each and every day! I can’t imagine, quite frankly, but I’m so glad you do. I really did smile to read that you love someone and they love you, too! Quite a change from “Thanksgiving for One”–I’m smiling. And anyone who can end their day watching The Wizard of Oz is quite alright with me! Debra

  2. I read your post almost every day. From time to time, I miss a day or two, but it just gives me more to read when I finally make it back to my computer. When I think about it, it’s a bit odd that I find such delight in knowing your post is there for me to read. There is childish curiosity and great anticipation associated with your blog. I have smiled, I have cried, and I have found hard truth in your writings. I respect you and your dedication. And like Debra wrote, “anyone who can end their day watching The Wizard of Oz is quite alright with me!” I have it on Bluray…and I never missed seeing it each year when I was a kid. In fact, seems like we counted the days when we knew it would soon return to ABC (or whatever channel it was airing on).

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