101 Things I’m Grateful for

This morning I begin the 87th edition of Good Morning Gratitude and am thankful for the motivation to have begun this blog.  It is somewhat difficult to grasp that I have been able to write here every day for almost three months.  I do know doing so has profoundly changed my life.  

I woke in a bit of a funk today not the least of which is still feeling the effects of oral surgery on Monday.  One of the discoveries I have made is I can change my mood always for the better by concentrating on what I have gratitude for.  Without stopping I am going to quickly type a list of 101 things I am grateful for that come to mind at this moment. 

101 things I am grateful for this morning…
Bed I slept in last night
Computer I am typing on
Coffee and the cup on my desk
Hands that work without encumbrance
Good health
Radio playing in the background
Television I hear in another room
A little sports car
Old camera collection
Good clothing and varied wardrobe
Food in my fridge and pantry
Running water
A good job
Male friends Mel, Roger, Sam, Dave, Tom, Jim, Cy and Bill
My Son Nick
Female friends Cindy,Katie,Virginia, Patrice, Muriah and Sandy
Women I have loved and who loved me
My Brother
Ability to speak
Ability to read
Eyes that see
Ears that hear
Mouth that tastes
Nose that smells
Hands that feel touch
My sisters
Two ex-wives
People I work with
A home
Nice furniture
An alarm clock
My Dutch wrist watch
I live in a free country
Record collection
Movie theatres
My digital music collection
A beautiful back yard
The wisteria vine on my patio
Tools in the garage
Money in the bank
Good credit
Ability to walk and run
Wisdom I have gained
Difficulties that have taught me
Wonderful vacations with my son
Ability to travel and see the world
Ability to write and express myself
Pots, Pans, silverware and dishes in the kitchen
Toilet paper
The variety of shoes I have
Intelligence and ability to learn
A washer and dryer
Favorite coffee shop
Thai food
Big pine and oak trees in front of my home
The church I attend
The Dalai Lama
People who smile back at me
A profession that I enjoy and benefits me
Mechanical ability to fix things
A big, loud stereo system
Nag Champa soap
Pain killers after surgery
A good doctor and good medical care
Good dental care and a good dentist
My Nikon and Canon digital cameras
My large format cameras
Ability to love
A soft and tender heart
Codependents Anonymous
The Meadows
My therapist
The dental hygienist who cleans my teeth
A Timex Indiglo watch
My Buddhist altar
A collection of pre-Columbian art
Favorite Grocery store
Favorite restaurants
Travel in Europe
South and Central American trips
Living on a Caribbean Island
Safety through a cat 5 hurricane
An old Volvo that saved my life
Those who encourage me to write this blog
Having owned a pool and not owning one any more
Air Travel
Heat in the winter
High speed internet
Paved streets and good roads
Doug who cuts my grass
The spirit within me

I am not going to review the list for content and over think this exercise.  If this morning my gratitude was a bit too much for material things or lacking of others, it does not matter.  If I made this list tomorrow much of it would be the same, but many things would be replaced.  I don’t believe it is of much importance at any given point exactly what I feel gratefulness for.  What matters is that I maintain a grateful attitude where thankfulness is on the tip of my tongue and on the top of my mind. 

I feel so much better now than I did a little while ago!  Gratefulness multiplies blessings and lightens burdens.  Of that I am absolutely certain!   

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.  Meister Eckhardt

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