Heather, Jackie, Bianca and Sung-Bong

Once in a while I am touched by something that comes to me completely unexpected.  Out of the blue I hear something, see something or experience something that permeates me with positive emotion.  The reaction travels through my body like a slow domino maze falling down until the unforeseen sensations sparkle within from head to toe.  During such a time I can be moved to near tears and afterwards feel a glow of appreciation and gratitude heightened by the unexpected arrival of the feelings.  Such moments are better explained with examples.  It is my sincere hope something below stirs you as it did me.

First, there is the news I discovered yesterday in a story online about a young Korean man.  He was abandoned at age three at an orphanage were he was mistreated and ran away from when he was five.  He then lived “on the streets” by himself for ten years, selling chewing gum and energy drinks in the daytime to raise money for food and at night sleeping in rest rooms and stairwells.  A guardian took him in during his late teen years and he was able to get the Korean equivalent of a GED since he did not attend elementary school or junior high school.  He then was able to attend school for the first time and graduated from a high school for the arts.  Having no money to continue his education, at the time this video was made he worked as a common laborer.  See Choi Sung-Bong perform here:

While her story is not the sad tale just above, her level of singing talent at such a young age is impressive.  It is my earnest hope that her life unfolds in a happy manner where the world will get to enjoy the full magnitude of her gift to sing.  Let ten-year old Heather Russell touch you here:

Then there is Bianca Ryan who in the summer of 2006 proved to America and the entire world that she had talent by being the first ever Grand Prize winner of the NBC show “America’s Got Talent”.  She was just 11 years old at the time.  Now 16 years old, videos of her performances on the Internet have received tens of millions of views to date.  If you have not witnessed her talent, PLEASE take the time to let her touch you.  Her wonderful performance when she was only 11 can be found here:

There is one more I must also include that comes from just last year.  I know little (OK, nothing) about opera, but it does not take knowledge to appreciate Jackie Evancho’s talent.  She is an opera singer who also plays violin and piano that at the age of ten finished second on America’s Got Talent.  Since then she gone on to release an EP that made her the best selling debut artist of 2010.  Listen to her incredible performance at age ten here:

I have no specific way to explain why watching these young people perform does me so much good.  From the very core of my being I appreciate their talent and am very grateful to get to experience it.  I feel joy when I take in what they have to give the world.  I hope watching what you find here brings much goodness into your life as well.

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.  Henry Van Dyke

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