First Cup of Coffee

This blog is already having a profoundly positive effect on me after just a couple of days.  When I now wake up in the morning one of my first thoughts is about what I am grateful for that I will write about today.  What occurred to me this morning  to express came as I was making the morning brew.  It is my gratitude for my coffee each morning and to those who make it possible.  That simple thought started a landslide of being grateful. 

I am grateful for:  the person who planted the coffee, the one who gathered it, the one who roasted it, the one who packed it, the crew of the ship the brought it to this country, those who unloaded it, those who put it in the can, the store that sold it to me, the trucker who got it to the store, the stocker that put it on the shelf for me to buy, the checkout clerk who I paid for it, even the shopping cart wrangler who was responsible for there being a cart by the store entrance for me grab as I entered the store.    

I am grateful for:  the coffee pot that made this morning’s coffee and all those involved in making it and getting it to me down to those involved in making the raw materials for available, for the people making the packaging down to the one show wrote the instructions.

I am grateful for my then grammar school son who gave me the cup for father’s day close to 20 years ago (and  for his mother who I am confident either bought it for him or paid for it after my son chose it – thank you B.).  I am thankful too for those who made the cup and the ones who brought it close by so it could be purchased for me.  Too, I am thankful for the work where the money was earned that made the purchase possible.

I am grateful for:  the spoon I stirred the coffee with and the many people involved in producing it and the sugar and milk I put into my coffee right down to the cow that made the milk.

I am grateful for:  my Iranian friend Cy who gave me the beautiful tile that I use as a “coffee pouring staton” which has sat by my coffee pot for many years now that.  Seeing it frequently brings him to mind when I am pouring a cup of coffee.

I am grateful for:  the many people who are responsible for me having electricity that made the coffee pot work and made the lights come on so I could see what I was doing (was still dark out when I made coffee).

I am very grateful………. 

This list could still go on and on as I think deeper about such a simple thing as a cup of coffee.  I am deeply touched this morning by the discovery that  increased gratitude unlocks even greater feelings of being grateful. 

Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.  Seneca