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Scrubbed Clean

The sort of morning that appeared last Thursday was one where the air had been scrubbed clean by the rain of the day before. The sky was more blue; the light of the sun more crystal-like. The distant horizon seemed … Continue reading

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Full of Light and Color

My apologizes if I have gone overboard recently in expressing my love of early fall. It truly is a magnificent time of the year and inspires me beyond any other season. Putting into words how October moves me would be … Continue reading

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Muffling Gift of Falling Water

Often I have written about my love of rain and how it fills a crack in my soul like nothing else. A long, soaking shower makes me feel safe and protected for reasons I have never fully understood, but I … Continue reading

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Pictorial Expressions of Gratitude

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here are 10,000 words to express my gratitude this morning.                           As I discovered these images each one provoked a positive emotion within: one of gratitude … Continue reading

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