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You Bring Me Joy

The years have not caused me to forget. Still there are remnants of feelings strong beyond explanation. You cracked me wide-open and I was never the same again. Was it because you loved me so unwaveringly deep and passionately? Was it … Continue reading

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The Need and Desire for Love

My past is filled with falling in love over and over; at least I thought it was love. A few times it actually was! There is a condition called “Love Addiction” that’s a behavior in which people become addicted to the … Continue reading

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Done Together

Once in a while something meaningful touches me and I am rendered emotionally near speechless. One such case is this ABC News story from last fall: A devoted Iowa couple married for 72 years died holding hands in the hospital last week, exactly one … Continue reading

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More Like Myself

Love… love… love. There are few people on Earth who do not yearn for a remarkable love like those found in the movies. While the “with all my heart, happily ever after variety” of romance often portrayed in film usually … Continue reading

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