A Little, Delightful Surprise

Over time Asian food has become a favorite and I’m especially fond of spicy Thai dishes that make my taste buds dance. I have come to know the quality of a particular restaurant’s Pad Thai is a good test of how tasty their full range of dishes is likely to be.

My most recent visit to my current favorite restaurant, Bamboo Thai Bistro, ended with a traditional fortune cookie that said Forgive the action, forget the intent. I save fortune cookie messages I like and added this one to the little box I keep them in where the following ten message are also to be found.

Life is not a problem to be solved. It’s a mystery to be lived.
– You are a lover of words, someday you will write a book.
– Stop procrastinating, starting tomorrow.
– When you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside.
– The fortune you seek is in another cookie.
– Body Mind and Spirit are one.
– Help me! I am a prisoner in a Chinese fortune cookie factory.
– Time is not measured by clock, but by moments.
– The first step in making a dream come true is to wake up.
– Ignore previous cookie.

Some fortune cookie traditions I have heard are:
– The cookie must be eaten for the fortune to come true.
– The fortune must be read before any of the cookie is consumed or it won’t come true.
– The fortune must be read aloud to come true.
– The cookie must be chosen with your eyes closed.
– The traditional cookie is made of flour, sugar and milk with a little butter and vanilla.

Some fortune cookie messages have suggested lottery numbers printed on them and at least in one case they were great suggestions. On March 30, 2005, there were an unprecedented 110 second-place winners of the Powerball lottery, all of whom had played the numbers they got in a fortune cookie. The total payout came to $19.4 million with 89 tickets winning $100,000 and 21 additional tickets winning $500,000 due to the Power Play multiplier option.

I am grateful for the wonderful food at the establishments that with the check deliver fortune cookies with a little delightful surprise inside.

That man is the richest
whose pleasures are the cheapest.