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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Anaïs Nin

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I Am I…

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Where Wisdom Grows

Misfortunes make us wise. Mary Norton I learned a lesson yesterday, taught a few times before but without me getting a passing grade. Like a child held back in school, it took repetition for the insight to sink in. It … Continue reading

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Living From the Inside Out

Once in a while I find myself wishing to be in a time before now. I have imagined living in Victorian times when history tells us manners and romantic love were in vogue. On other occasions, my fantasy has been … Continue reading

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Make as Many Mistakes as You Can

Graduating is not something I have forgotten or better stated, I remember well how I felt at graduation. The title of my feelings could have been “Now What?”. Having spent years growing up and getting an education I was then … Continue reading

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Little Bit of Harmless Insanity

Being blessed with a successful career allowed me to live a life filled with comfort and acquiring material things, the quantity of which go far beyond what I now consider ‘normal’. With the ability to “have” I overdid it to … Continue reading

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Freedom and Choice

A futurist’s comments I read about fifteen years ago predicted one day the number of big stores where you go to buy things would be far fewer. The suggestion was made that instead of going to Sears or Best Buy … Continue reading

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Dreamers of the Day

  For all wishers and dreamers; For those who hope and pray; For every faithful schemer; Who lives from day-to-day; Are words that count to forty-nine With wisdom inside for you to find.   All people dream, but not equally. … Continue reading

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