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Threshold of a Dream

There is a certainty I have “some miles” on me, but also a sense of being far from being old. What puts that vantage point into perspective is knowing a decade from now I will be less than a year … Continue reading

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Namaste, Have a Nice Day, Good Morning

“Namaste” is a word I hear quite frequently these days, usually from someone who’s taking yoga or Ti Chi classes. I tend to be around “spiritual seekers” of one kind or another a lot and know the word seems to … Continue reading

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Thank You Doug

For today’s blog to make any sense, one should first read yesterday’s installment Doug, a dear friend of mine, liked yesterday’s post. When I arrived home after work the short email from him below was in my inbox: Well, I … Continue reading

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Reflections: Seeking Solace In Tragic Times…

Re-blogged from  “I am sick of the solace of sorrow, And fear what the prophets foretold; I am tired of the tears of tomorrow, And wish that things were as of old; I have felt of the force of … Continue reading

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The Cry of the Road Not Taken

Clear in memory from my 20’s is becoming lost on my first solo cross-country training flight while learning to fly.  Absorbing what it took to become a pilot came easy and I was able to advance faster than most.  The danger in … Continue reading

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Beyond My Ability

In only seven days I will have accomplished what seemed like an impossible goal when beginning. On Monday, April 25, 2011, I wrote the first daily installment of “Good Morning Gratitude”. Through vacations, sickness, business travels and days of all … Continue reading

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A Master of Love

Once upon a time, a Master was talking to a crowd of people, and his message was so wonderful that everyone felt touched by his words of love. In the crowd there was a man who had listened to every … Continue reading

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This Magnificent Cosmic Dance

This past weekend I read an article about our planet’s physical place in the universe that noted what I already knew: the Earth is one of the smallest planets in our solar system. What I had not been exposed to before … Continue reading

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To Be Certain is Ridiculous

Just before starting out the door of my home, a feeling comes that I should take an umbrella with me.  I stop and pick it up but think to myself “I won’t need this.  It’s sunny with only a 30% … Continue reading

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Only In Your Mind

Not long ago I came across a slight twist on “as you think, so shall you find” written by Wayne Dyer.  It’s a long paragraph and took a few reads to get to the essence of what he had said.  … Continue reading

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