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A Two-Edge Sword

Hatred is like a long, dark shadow. Not even the person it falls upon knows where it comes from, in most cases. It is like a two-edged sword. When you cut the other person, you cut yourself. The more violently … Continue reading

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Last of the Five Good Emperors

Thirteen timeless parables from almost two thousand years ago posted this morning by my Facebook friend, writer C. Joyell C.: “Look beneath the surface; let not the several quality of a thing nor its worth escape thee.” “It’s not another … Continue reading

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Twelve of Forty

For close to three years has been a website I visit a few times each month. I never fail to find reading that causes me to think, be inspired or gain insight. Over a million other people visit on … Continue reading

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8 Easy Steps

Excerps from a deeply touching Huffington Post article published a few weeks ago, “How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps” by Kate Bartolotta Setting aside our first-world problems and pettiness, if … Continue reading

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We All Have Twenty-Four Hour Days

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. David Allen What has my attention at this moment? My thoughts are directed at words surfacing in my mind and typing them with a considerably lesser amount of awareness of music … Continue reading

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Remember Your Reflection

How some one sees me is only one view. Each interpretation of the person I am is different. None is completely accurate, not even my view of myself. Humility and gratitude are the best paths to self-awareness. I am perfectly … Continue reading

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Uniquely Original

There will ever only be one of you — ever. In the history of the universe, you exist only once and you are it. There will never again be another person with your unique intellect, temperament, skills and abilities. We … Continue reading

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Letting Go of a Hot Iron

One of the more difficult insights to grasp has been that it is largely pain within a person that causes him/her to hurt me. Long did I believe those who caused me grief without cause, or pain far beyond what … Continue reading

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Become the Watcher

When I become aware of my thoughts, it does not make me become my thoughts. Quite the contrary, only then do I have a chance to sort out what’s real from what’s misapprehension, distortion and nonsense. Without attention most thought … Continue reading

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Intention, Decision and Chance

Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker? Garth Nix When I was younger destiny seemed out of my control.; a predetermined path to eventual destinations. I grew up, became an adult and stopped thinking much about … Continue reading

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