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When You Look Back

This morning browsing for a quotes something C.S. Lewis wrote came into my view: When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Virtue

Wanting to love someone is not the same as loving someone. Knowledge of how to build something will not build anything. Needing to get in better shape does not make me healthier. Aspiring to make a difference does not make … Continue reading

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Sooner or Later

Love causes pain. Love cures pain. And love is a pain. Where love is, pain is never far away. Love will fill your heart, break your heart and heal the heart that’s broken. And it is true that every love … Continue reading

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To Better Practice What I Already Know – Part Two

Tomorrow Part Two of Ms. Marshall’s “Twenty Six Ways To Love Life Eight months ago my post here ended with those words. It was my intention was for a back to back ‘two-part’er’ but the second installment got lost on … Continue reading

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Any Family With More than One

In late 1925, a newspaper in London published a story by A.A. Milne titled “The Wrong Sort of Bees”. The tale introduced a bear named Winnie the Pooh who would become the lead character of one of the most successful … Continue reading

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Worth the Risk

Once in a while a thought comes so strong it blocks out all other thinking temporarily. Even when I move on to other considerations and ideas, the over-riding concept blazes back into my mind frequently. It was scary as hell … Continue reading

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Beyond Ideas of Wrong-Doing and Right-Doing

Almost a year ago I saved a poem by American poet Mary Oliver titled “Wild Geese”. From the first reading the words touched me with their directness and clarity. I felt certain the poem would be a good item to … Continue reading

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A Blessing of Grace

When getting married the second time, I knew exactly what I was doing. I was motivated by love. In the light of day the internal dysfunction that beat on me constantly could not be seen. And in time it took … Continue reading

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Living From the Inside Out

Once in a while I find myself wishing to be in a time before now. I have imagined living in Victorian times when history tells us manners and romantic love were in vogue. On other occasions, my fantasy has been … Continue reading

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From Then Till Now

It’s not uncommon to have gone through something filled with difficulty and pain, only to end up grateful for what it taught. And so it has been with me the last half-dozen years or so. I went from who I … Continue reading

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