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The Day Before The Day Before Thanksgiving

Today, tomorrow and Thursday/Thanksgiving Day will feature a favorite poem about the holiday. I feel gratefulness year round more than I have ever, but never as acutely as I do right now. I know this stretch of holidays from … Continue reading

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A Long Dark Shadow

To all of you who hate yourselves, I promise this: There is a place where you’d hate yourself less. Somewhere out there, it waits. Each of us has one, whether we know it or not, whether we have found it … Continue reading

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Shifts Slightly in Color and Form

I  found a webpage with a five question quiz “What is the meaning of your life?” There are five possible conclusions one’s answers can cause. In alphabetical order they are: 1. The Meaning of Your Life is Joy … Continue reading

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Like Smoke Through a Keyhole

Last night I watched the movie “The Bucket List” again with someone who had never seen it. On the big screen in 2007 the film touched me, but this time it meant even more. First time around I laughed until … Continue reading

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A Little Positive Trail Behind Me

The innocence of a child can be especially touching. For me that’s true partly because some of my innocence was stolen as a kid and partially because living has softened me over time. While the story below is just that, … Continue reading

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Work and the Ability to Change

I’m packing and getting ready to rush to the airport to return home after a business trip that has taken up the majority of the week. I find myself asking “why I work” a lot these days. And more so, … Continue reading

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Presence in the Present

So much of what we think about and are encouraged toward revolve around getting ahead. In general there is nothing wrong with that except it has a tendency to keep one constantly focused on the future with little presence in … Continue reading

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Hate Hurts the Hater

Hate is never good, but it’s understandably felt by some toward people such as child abusers, perpetrators of violent crimes, terrorists and some who are just plain evil. Otherwise, with ordinary people there’s an adage that goes, someone most often … Continue reading

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Right Here, Right Now

Once upon a time there was a man who spent his life in a hurry. He was always headed toward something or getting away from something else, but never seemed to arrive anywhere. He would drop things because he’d bump … Continue reading

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Peace Within the Riddle

What do you want? Or is what you want always just something you don’t have. Those spoken words actually came falling out of my mouth this morning from a source I am unsure of. Since I live alone, saying such … Continue reading

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