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What the Mind is Prepared to Comprehend

…to understand the dream, is to know what a dream is made of. What it is made of is simple: Thought. To understand thought, and its relationship to dreams is to understand the Dreamer. You are the Dreamer. This is … Continue reading

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Most Easily Understood

What often passes as general consensus is that the most meaningful thoughts of wisdom usually are filled with a good quantity of words, flowery expression and clever use of language. However, there are times a thought becomes striking in its … Continue reading

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Trail Markers

A definition of a “saying” is: a short grouping of words that together make a clever or meaningful expression which usually contains advice, wisdom or expresses an obvious truth. For me sayings are much like markers on a trail that help … Continue reading

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A Letter To My Son on Father’s Day

ORIGINALLY Posted on June 19, 2011 Dear Nick, Vivid in memory are the emotions I experienced just after you were born. The day after you arrived I wrote in a journal about the joy I felt, the gratefulness within for … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Soul

The thought-provoking images with a message below were found on a blog on called “life is a beautiful struggle”:   Sometimes running across what others have placed on their blog has more meaning to me at that moment that any other … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

At the back of the class room was the “cloak room” is where we hug our coats. In one corner was a round cardboard “can” with metal edges that had originally been made to hold about three gallons of ice … Continue reading

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Great and Little Things

On a hilltop in Italy in 1971 Coca-Cola assembled young people from all over the world to create a commerical with a message in song: “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony and keep it company…”. … Continue reading

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Stripped by a Storm

Within the last six years, I have lived the equivalent life experience of several decades.  My very being, mentally and emotionally, was thrashed to its barest existence.  Within that kneading and pounding  the majority of the greatest insights of my life have come.  So today I … Continue reading

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Two Poems and a Saying

This morning finds me a bit groggy after a good night’s rest even after a half hour awake and my first cup of coffee of the day. Extra measures of the activities of a good life squeezed out some usual … Continue reading

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Opening Up and Letting Others

One of my dearest friends who I have known for over twenty years published his third book in January of this year. “Positive 365: A Positive Quote for Every Day of the Year” is a compilation of sayings and snippets … Continue reading

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