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The Marble and the Sculptor

George Bernard Shaw’s quote pictured just above is good food for thought.  Once upon a time I remember firmly believing I could find myself out there somewhere.  My approach was that of an adventurer.  Simply thinking if “I” am to be … Continue reading

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Between the Idiocy of Infancy & the Folly of Youth

“I Resign” Author Unknown I am hereby officially tendering my resignation as an adult. I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities of an 8-year-old again. I want to go to McDonald’s and think that it’s a four … Continue reading

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It’s Harder to Ignore It

Dear Dad, The last time we spoke I was very angry at you and my feelings were not misplaced.  You needed to hear what I had to say.  At the time there is no way to have known we would … Continue reading

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The Great Weight of Small Joyful Moments

It is natural for a person to notice and vividly remember moments of great joy and tremendous happiness.  Such beautiful experiences are for most people thought to be the sum total of the best of their life.  Yet, when I … Continue reading

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You Are More Than Who You Think

Without cause or catalyst I can name, once in a while I have found myself alone glancing into a mirror being startled by the sudden realization “I AM!”.  These rare moments started in childhood somewhere about ten years old.  The … Continue reading

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Saint Valentine’s Day

It is said the tradition of Valentine’s Day began because this was the date birds began to choose their mates. An early reference in print to Valentine’s Day is found in Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Parliament of Fowls” in 1831: For this … Continue reading

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Progressive Jerks Forward & Developmental Back Stepping

With a cut or scratch on my skin, I know with proper care healing will take place.  The deeper the wound, the more time needed for the healing to happen.  Even then there often is a scar and the size of it … Continue reading

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To Love More and Be Happy

A company business trip took me to the Florida for most of the week.  The trip was completed with a stop in Alabama to visit family for a couple of nights.  As much as I no longer find business travel to be … Continue reading

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Only One Way To Happiness

A blog filled with words borrowed from “14 Timeless Ways to Live a Happy Life” by Alex Blackwell ( link ): 1. Notice What’s Right Some of us see the glass as being half-full, while others see the glass as half-empty. The … Continue reading

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Master Gardener of His Soul

He made me angry with what he said. She made me feel sad because she did that. They made me feel hurt by not including me. My employer made me feel bad when I did not get the promotion. Most everyone, … Continue reading

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