Five Senses Of Gratitude

02 see Gratuita-de-alta-definici-n-eye-shocking-beautiful-sight-wallpaper - CopyI have eyes that can see…

01 Hear Waterfall-Wallpaper-hd-wallpaper-1920x1200-5-50613c7abdce3-2138 - Copy

And ears that can hear…

04 smell Naked-Bread-V-Tag

A nose that can smell…

05 two-hands-touching-620x348

Hands that can touch…

03 taste Food Wallpaper-3

And a mouth that can taste.

With such simple, but so very important abilities I am blessed and express my gratitude to the world here. I do not take them for granted.

Adapted from “The Rose Garden” by the Persian poet Sa’di

Some of us don’t know how well we have it
In this land of ours of good and plenty
While many say and think that their life is unfit
While their souls and stomachs are never empty.

I once cried out for a new pair of shoes
Until I saw a man who had no feet
Then I heard a child cry for food that she refused
Then I saw another child that had nothing to eat.

I once saw a man whom had everything
Then I saw a another man who had nothing at all
Then that homeless man to God he did sing
While the man with everything was afraid to fall.

I once knew of a woman who pitied her life
Screaming out that no one had it as worse as her
Then I read of a woman whom died from her own knife
But of her own problems to no one did she say a word.

I never had any holes in any of my pockets
Then once I saw a man carrying change in a can
Then I thought about mans own work dockets
I then realized, how lucky that I truly am.

“Lucky I Am” by Randy McClave