This is Wonderful!

The company that employs me takes good care of me and the hotels they book are very good ones, which I am thankful for.  However, a hotel room is just that:  a temporary place to hang clothes, bathe and sleep.  Some of the best hotels I have slept in have been paid for by an employer but I don’t sleep enough or particularly well in unfamiliar beds.  While on a business trip I am usually treated to great food in fine restaurants for which I am grateful, I always take in too many calories.  I am often entertained in ways that are uncommon to me to get to do which I also accept gratefully. However, all in all I generally come home tired from a business trip, a little out of sorts and in general worn out.

Whatever magic for me there was in business travel when younger has long since largely disappeared.  After 10 hours in airports yesterday, my arrival home was no different than usual.  However, when reviewing it all I know I am blessed with a good job and a good employer.  I am lucky to get to travel and have the experiences I get to have.  Even getting to fly as much as I do helps rack up frequent flyers miles for personal vacation travel.  All in all, I am reminded I have much to be grateful for.

After arriving at my home airport and getting my car I drove to the office and spent a few hours there.  It was good to see my coworkers.  I am truly blessed to share my working life with a group of talented people I respect and genuinely enjoy being around.   No emergencies or fires to put out, so I came home and unpacked soon after I arrived.  If unpacking is not made a completed task soon after I return home, I have this tendency to put it off for a day or two and end up having to rummage through my bag trying to find things.  For dinner I grabbed a bowl of cereal as I was just too pooped to do anything else.  Mindlessly I sat in front of the TV (correction:  lay in front of the TV for about two hours decompressing from my travels).  Between 8:30 and 9pm, my eyes were having difficulty staying open and toward bed I headed.

King size beds take up too much of a bedroom for my taste and my “queen size” is plenty big for me and accommodates my six foot three inch height.  When first purchased the high bed I have took some time to get used to.  It sits about 3 feet from the floor and originally I thought falling out of bed would be a regular occurrence.  That never happened and now I do enjoy not having to bend and crawl in and out of a low bed.  My high bed is easy for me to roll into and out of.

After brushing my teeth and not flossing (sorry Dr. C.) to bed I went.  I was very tired, but so glad to be home.  As I crawled into bed and felt the cool sheets against my skin along with the texture of the bed my body is so accustomed to, I smiled a satisfied smile and with great gratitude said aloud “this is wonderful”.  And after that simple expression of gratitude for one of life’s great simple pleasures within a minute I was fast asleep.

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.   Author Unknown