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Love Letter To Someone I Don’t Know & Never Met

Today offered the opportunity to stroll back through some of the blogs I’ve written over the last four years. While pure fantasy and fiction, this one is a favorite and was originally posted on August 12, 2011. It’s filled with … Continue reading

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A Walk To Remember

Writer and film producer Nicholas lost his sister to cancer and events in her life inspired him to write “A Walk To Remember”. The book was made into a movie I have not seen. However, the book touched this old … Continue reading

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Rules of a Relationship

Five Rules of a Relationship: 1 – Stay faithful. 2 – Make them feel loved and wanted. 3 – Respect your partner. 4 – Don’t flirt with others. 5 – Have time for each other. http://mylovelyquotes.com

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Someone Somewhere for Everyone

Some say a hapless romantic is hopeless; always searching, but never finding. They believe an insatiable yearning for ‘someone else’ afflicts some people to the point they can never be fully content with one person. I believe they are wrong … Continue reading

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Rare and Prescious

Good Morning Gratitu… Borrowed from a post at http://www.rachaellay.com/blog/page/2/ I am Rachael Lay, and I am a whole-hearted believer in love. Self love, shared love and HOT love! I do my core values at the start of every year, and … Continue reading

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You Bring Me Joy (Still)

Near two and a half years of daily posts now total near 900. Once in a while I skip back months or more to see what was was at the top of my thoughts then. Today I was curious about … Continue reading

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Doorway to a More Brilliant Reality

I used to think Romeo and Juliet was the greatest love story ever written. But now that I’m middle-aged, I know better. Oh, Romeo certainly thinks he loves his Juliet. Driven by hormones, he unquestionably lusts for her. But if … Continue reading

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Love At Whatever Age

Romantic Love has been described as… intense emotional experiences such as increased energy, euphoria, obsessive thinking about the loved one, feelings of dependency and craving. When people are ‘in love’ they may feel as if they have uncovered the meaning … Continue reading

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You Bring Me Joy

The years have not caused me to forget. Still there are remnants of feelings strong beyond explanation. You cracked me wide-open and I was never the same again. Was it because you loved me so unwaveringly deep and passionately? Was it … Continue reading

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The Need and Desire for Love

My past is filled with falling in love over and over; at least I thought it was love. A few times it actually was! There is a condition called “Love Addiction” that’s a behavior in which people become addicted to the … Continue reading

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