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Sex Is Sacred

C. Joybell C. made a post on Facebook this morning I found moving. Here’s a portion: Sex is sacred. That’s just the way it is. It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself in order to get away from the truth, … Continue reading

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Those Who Are Friends

Twenty-three days and I will officially be retired. Friends say “you’re too young”, but I’m hanging it up while healthy with a lot of years left to enjoy being the full owner of each day. The company I am leaving … Continue reading

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The Five Love Languages

At times I had told others “I am my own lab rat”. Such a strange statement has a fairly simple meaning; I experiment and try things on myself in a quest to improve and grow. From self-hypnosis (which I got … Continue reading

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No One Gets Too Much Love

The loneliest days are the ones where you keep company with someone you love who can’t hear you. Holly Robinson It’s become a quirk of mine to watch couples and how the two interact. What I see all too often … Continue reading

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My History of Anger

Every destructive emotion bears its own harvest, but anger’s fruit is the most bitter of all. Uncontrolled anger is a devastating sin, and no one is exempt from its havoc. It shatters friendships and destroys marriages; it causes abuse in … Continue reading

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Fewer Words

Fewer words often say far more than quantity, hence, three sincere thoughts this morning about the art of being grateful. As the years pass, I am coming more and more to understand that it is the common, everyday blessings of … Continue reading

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Disappointment: Hurt to Gratitude

With disappointment, there are multiple layers of sadness that one experiences before being able to look on the bright side. As adults, we do not often face disappointments in manageable doses; as such, we are stuck with the disappointment dilemma. … Continue reading

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A Portion of Gladness

Friends are the family you choose. Jess C. Scott The older I get, the more valuable old friendships become. A few new friends along the way are always hoped for and welcomed, but it is the ones of decades endurance … Continue reading

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Someone Who Knows All About You

Getting older has caused my high school sports injury to hurt more. Some regrets have deepened. Lots of others have dissipated to be nearly evaporated. Being more thoughtful of others has been taught to we well by years of pain … Continue reading

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Looking at the Surface

Life is actually simple. It’s principals are straight forward and uncomplicated. Nature will always be its natural self and never a pretender or a poser. Trees are simple. Flowers are uncomplicated. Dogs and cats are predictably the way they are. … Continue reading

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