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Faded photographs Covered now with lines and creases; Tickets torn in half Memories in bits and pieces; Traces of love long ago That didn’t work out right; Traces of love with me tonight. Buie/Cobb/Gordy/Lee “Our time” will always be remembered with … Continue reading

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I Am I…

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With Each Passing Day

…love is the key to understanding of all the mysteries. Paul Chelho

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Rules of a Relationship

Five Rules of a Relationship: 1 – Stay faithful. 2 – Make them feel loved and wanted. 3 – Respect your partner. 4 – Don’t flirt with others. 5 – Have time for each other. http://mylovelyquotes.com

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Believe In Love More Today

I was in love with love before I knew what it was. When one lives with lack of affection as I did as a young child, the yearning to fill that hole starts early and never completely leaves. Even understanding … Continue reading

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The Five Love Languages

At times I had told others “I am my own lab rat”. Such a strange statement has a fairly simple meaning; I experiment and try things on myself in a quest to improve and grow. From self-hypnosis (which I got … Continue reading

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From the Twisted Metal

Every morning I make a posts on two other blogs I keep other than this one. With the description “love is so short, forgetting is so long” http://www.brokenheartsanonymous.com is centered on the pain and sorrow love can bring. On the … Continue reading

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A Blessing of Grace

When getting married the second time, I knew exactly what I was doing. I was motivated by love. In the light of day the internal dysfunction that beat on me constantly could not be seen. And in time it took … Continue reading

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How Much Love…

“How much love have you let in today?” That question crossed my path and stopped me in my tracks. Reading the article by Cheryl Eckl that followed the question hit me like a ton of bricks: giving love to others … Continue reading

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Six Well Made Comments

With the exception of about 100 words, today’s focus topic is love; written with pictures. Let the images paint in your heart, mind and soul meanings that are uniquely yours.     Ultimately love is all that matters. No one … Continue reading

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